Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chicago and the Polar Vortex

On my trip to Spain over the past two weeks, I received constant updates from friends and family regarding the worsening weather in Chicago and the Midwest. I figured this weather would be no worse than the usual Chicago winter, so you could imagine my surprise when our plane flew right past the skyline and I saw the city under snow as well as a frozen Lake Michigan. Luckily, I managed to snap this photo from my seat that captures just how iced over Chicago became during its encounter with the "Polar Vortex" last week, and I am glad that I can share it with you all.

For anyone not living in the Chicagoland area (or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter), the weather this past week has been exceptionally bizarre. A predicted low of -50 degrees (with windchill) for two days in a row led to school cancellations and statewide warnings. Needless to say, the 34 degree weather that we experienced yesterday felt unusually comfortable.

Stay warm, everybody!

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  1. Ms. Schiller,

    It certainly was a cold couple of days! While I agree with the majority of your post, I take issue with your advice to, "Stay warm." Yes, it is cold outside, but it is the type of cold that only comes around once in a blue moon! Thus, I would advise people to take the time and go outside. (Now I concede that people should stay warm while they are outside, however the warmth that they will experience while outside is significantly less than the warmth they will feel while inside, and the comment, "Stay warm," in my mind implies that one should maximize there warmth.) While outside, I have a few suggestions as to what one should do to bring a note of levity to their adventure:

    1. Blow bubbles! Then catch the bubbles on a bubble wand and watch them freeze.

    2. Boil water and then--carefully!--throw it outside and watch it instantly be turned into steam by the polar air.

    3. Make sure to get pictures of the bubbles and water, as who knows when it will be this cold again.

    So go out and enjoy this polar weather, and stay as warm as you can be whilst outside whilst doing so!